Soul Introspection

Spirituality Bestows Inner Peace And Wisdom

Defining About Us

Our life is classified into three vital areas to fulfil the purpose which is Self-realisation. Sages collectively called these three vital areas as dharmic or principled obligations. What we must fulfil through the physical body in society is called bhoutika dharma or worldly obligations. That which is to be fulfilled through the mind and intellect is called mano dharma or mental obligation. The third one that enables us to activate and empower our soul is atma dharma or Self-realisation. The following four steps could help us progress on this path.

We value our body for its beauty, youth, health or usefulness, without realising that it is a walking miracle. From birth to death, it carries out innumerable life-sustaining activities. Our hearts beat 86,400 times and our lungs breathe 21,600 times every day. All this is possible due to the inexhaustible power, the soul which is making life throb. When we are aware that we constantly carry this sacred energy, we will never misuse it to perform actions which are harmful, demonic, criminal or destructive in nature. Also, we become aware that our body is exposed to limitations of time and space governing our lives. So we understand every moment that is available to us.

Then we follow a strict regimen of niyama or regulations with a definite value of time for food, sleep and regular routine of sadhana or meditation. Our body will be healthy, and we will be fit and in control.

Secondly, process the mind. Examine every thought and emotion scrupulously to check whether it falls within the framework of righteous with great objectivity and vitality. Chanting AUM which is the bija mantra or seed syllable of the soul energizes the mind and transforms it into an impartial witness. This also churns the mind and draws out all thoughts and emotions hidden in its subconscious layers. This is symbolically depicted in churning the Kshirasagara or Ocean of Milk to obtain the nectar of immortality.

Here, the mind is the Kshirasagara and the churner is AUM, the sacred syllable from which the whole universe emerged. Our dharma or good thoughts represent goods and adharma or bad thoughts represent demons. As we begin churning the mind, cleansing of the mind begins and negativity within us is thrown out. Divinity is retained.

Thirdly, eliminate negativity. As we continue our sadhana by chanting AUM with total faith and belief, Shiva as Guru removes all negativity as soon as it rises up from within us. All negative thoughts, tendencies and feelings we have accumulated over many life-times rise to surface. This negative energy constricting the mind is eliminated through guru's grace and our intellect, concentration and memory become razor-sharp. We make quick, accurate decisions and complete our tasks at lightning speed. Every day expands to give us ample time for further sadhana, and we become more and more absorbed in its vibrations.

The fourth step is to create wealth. At this point you will begin to create nidhi or treasure. As we get immersed in sadhana, we transcend our senses and our mind blossoms. Our hearts expand to embrace all beings.We generate only selfless, dharmic desires which benefit the world and are instantaneously fulfilled by Cosmic Will.We develop selflessness which is one of the important characteristics of Self-realisation and our atma dharma is thereby fulfilled.