Soul Introspection

Spirituality Bestows Inner Peace And Wisdom

Buoyant Spirits Are Divine Gifts

In this world the believers tell you that God created life. You can name the God whatever you want---- Allah, Bhagwan, Rabb, Brahma, Parmeshwar, Waheguru or Allahtala. But if you ask the believers, if that is so, then who has created God? They will not answer you. Life is not created, it evolved. As any living creature. God has not created us, we created the God.

I am not an agnostic. I pray regularly without any gap, but I do not beg. Most people do not pray, they beg. Most of the people in distress pray for help when they are in trouble.

There are passages from sacred scriptures, The Gaytri Mantra(Psalms), Ayat-ul-Kursi (The saying of Prophet Mohammad), or passages of Guru Nanak. Anybody can make his own prayer.

After performing the religious rituals on religious festivals, we should spend at least some time in silence thinking "What exactly my religion really mean to me?"

I was born and brought up a strict Bengali Brahmin. Till 15 years of age, I spent the best part of the day chanting prayers with my grandmother. When I was seventeen, initiated into reading the scriptures. At the age of 17 I participated in the "Sacred Thread Ceremony." And I joined the Brahminism.

My interest in religion forced me to read Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism.

It was four years in the University Hostel and my close friendship with Abdus Saleem Beig, the last generation of Mughal Empire, that I did my best to learn a great deal of Islam, Ghalib, Urdu and spirituality. And the truth. To lie you require brain, but truth does not require brain.

The basic fact of prayer, as per my own observations, is that, "NEVER LET ANYONE CONQUER YOU BY MAKING YOU ANGRY."