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Start Confronting Generation Gap

Generation gap is a gap of communication that leads to misunderstanding and disharmony. It refers to the gap between young and old. It is about mindsets and methods and it is not one-sided. Youth is full of passion and drive and is risk-friendly. The old have wisdom and experience, and they are, work together.

Just passion and risk taking are not enough;neither are experience and wisdom because we live in a dynamic world. Strategies have to change and for this we need understanding and flexibility. The older and younger generations need to communicate, synergise and draw the best from each other.

A healthy conversation and dialogue is essential to bridge the gap.
Do not become a victim of experience. Advise children without seeming to be interfering. Present your viewpoint in a friendly manner without being autocratic. Also, make sure that children are receptive so that they listen when you advise them. Otherwise, whatever you say will not make an impression on them. Parents should understand that more than the words they utter, it is their being an intention which get communicated.

Use the power of love and then you will know how to deal with old people. Yes, as they get old they behave like children. Give them love and understanding.

Learn to enjoy dealing with them. They are also going through transition. Be committed and compassionate then you will get right mode to help them."HE GIVES NOT THE BEST, WHO GIVES THE MOST BUT HE GIVES THE MOST WHO GIVES THE BEST". learn to give your best. Be the giver and then that giving itself enhances the quality of life. What is wrong if you pamper your parents? After all it is their second childhood. Do not you pamper your children? Do not use too much of logic but just shower love.

One has to be friendly but also fair, frank and flexible. Employ the Four FS in relationships. Educate each other about discipline. Discipline not against freedom;it harnesses freedom. Just like the banks of the river help the river to flow towards the ocean. Young people may feel discipline is snatching their freedom. This is not true. Bringing up children involves education. Do not think that they will immediately understand. It takes time but you should be an empowering parent.

The world has both the right and wrong modes operating. Good parenting is teaching them to take the good and leave the bad. All parents are not right all the time;their intention may be good but possibly parents may do more harm to children if they encourage division;that would create conflict and hence pain. So, parent's intention may be good, but they also have to inwardly cleanse themselves.