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Control Your Anger






If you are really serious about to control your anger, then there are five ways to do so.




When someone's bodily actions are not kind but his words are kind, pay attention to his kind words. This will help you end your anger.



A thirsty man takes off his cloths, jumps into the water, and with his hands clears away the algae and grass and enjoys bathing in and drinking the cool water. It is the same with someone whose words are not kind but whose bodily actions are kind. Pay attention to his bodily actions and not words, to end your anger.



If there is someone whose bodily actions and words are not kind, but who still has a little kindness in his heart, if you feel anger towards that person, meditate to end your anger.



When you see someone whose words and bodily actions are not kind, and in whose heart there is nothing that can be called kindness, think: "That someone is undergoing great suffering. Unless he meets a good spiritual friend, there will be no chance for him to transform and be happy." You will open your heart with love and compassion.



If there is someone whose bodily actions are kind, whose words are kind, and whose mind is also kind, if you are angry with that person, meditate to end your anger.


Never allow jealousy to overwhelm you.