Soul Introspection

Spirituality Bestows Inner Peace And Wisdom


Try To Design Your Senses


The self-existent Supreme pierced the senses to turn outward. Thus, we look to the world outside and see not the Self within us. A sage withdraws his senses from the world of change and, seeking immortality, looks within and beholds the deathless Self.

The tempter masters the lazy and irresolute man who dwells on the attractive side of things, ungoverned in his senses, and unrestrained in his food, like the wind overcomes a rotten tree. But the tempter cannot master a man who dwells on the distasteful side of things, self-controlled in his senses, moderate in eating, resolute and full of faith, like the wind cannot move a mountain crag.

Not to have control over the senses is like sailing in a rudderless ship, bound to break to pieces on coming in contact with the very first rock.