Soul Introspection

Spirituality Bestows Inner Peace And Wisdom

Do This Way






In his own lifetime, Gautama Buddha had 40,000 monks who went out to spread the spiritual process. In his own silent way, he changed the way forever.


Right now, most people are just a bundle of thoughts, emotions, opinions and, of course, prejudices. 


Our mind is society's garbage bin because we have no choice about what to take and what not to take. Whoever goes that way throws something in our head. We can enshrine this nonsense as divinity; it is just simple mind. There is another way to experience life and go beyond the process that we call as mind. To do this, we need to shut the garbage bin and keep it aside.


The mind is a phenomenal thing, but if we get stuck to it, it will take us for a ride endlessly. If we are in the mind, we are then non-stop suffering human being, we cannot help it. Suffering is inevitable. Maybe when we are watching the sun set, it is so beautiful that we forget everything, but our suffering is sitting right behind us like a tail. 


As long as we are in the mind, fears, anxieties and struggles are inevitable, that is the nature of mind.


It is because people are unable to bear the torture of mind that they have devised many ways in society to go below the mind. Excessive eating and self-indulging in physical pleasures, alcoholism, these are all ways to go below the mind. People use them and for a few moments they forget the torture. We hit the bottle and sleep. For a few hours our mind does not bother us any more because we have gone below the mind. There is great pleasure and it is so relaxing because suddenly the tortures of our mind are not there. So we get deeply addicted to it.


But the nature of the evolutionary process is such that this being which was below the mind has right now evolved into the mind. If it wants to become free, it has to go beyond the mind. There is no such thing as going back. If by using a chemical we go below the mind, we will see life always catches up with us with more intensity after that is over. It is always so.


Suffering intensifies. The process of yoga is to see how to go beyond the mind. Only when we are beyond the mind can we really be ourselves.