Soul Introspection

Spirituality Bestows Inner Peace And Wisdom

Eagerness For Awareness




Any evil arises from myopic vision. It cannot be curbed by stringent laws, severe punishment or exhaustive moral lessons but by transforming awareness of the working of the universe, law of karma, dependent origin of things and unending suffering caused by indiscriminate craving Proper awareness gives birth to wisdom followed by wholesome, empathetic action for whole of humanity. The Buddha summarised his teachings by advising to develop cosmic awareness leading to empathetic compassion from awareness of objects to awareness of subject, to awareness of itself, 


No one can give us that alchemical awareness--- no scripture, authority or religion. The Buddha was unique in asserting. "Be light unto yourself. Hold fast to the truth. Look not for refuge to anyone besides yourselves. Know for yourself that certain things are unwholesome and wrong. Give them up. When you know for yourself that certain things are wholesome and good then instinctively accept the same and adhere wholeheartedly."


Buddhism is not a doctrine or belief system but a process of observation, introspection and self-inquiry. Any preconceived faith or belief is detrimental to objective enquiry. Hence, Buddha advised us not to accept even his idea until we acquire ownership of the same through self-investigation.


The Buddha observed that human plight is like that of a man shot with an arrow. He requires immediate mitigation of suffering and cure instead of investigation into who has shot the arrow and why. Hence, he is silent on the theory of creation of God. Buddhism is a faith of the middle period in which we exist at present, and it attempts to annihilate the problem through a middle path. 


Being awakened, the Buddha realised that we live in a perfect universe. We need to realise that, beyond all our judgments and worries, goals and expectations. The perfection of awakening or fulfilment already exists right now in this eternal moment. But our mind fails to accept the same due to a preconceived image of how things should be. This bias prevents us from accepting reality and truth as wonderful. The remedy is pure awareness.


The path of Buddha consists of the fundamental qualities of intellect and emotion. Awareness of phenomena and self-inquiry relates primarily to the intellect, while developing an ability to feel compassion for all is a function of the heart.


Buddhist meditation is neither an exercise in relaxation nor an effort for an elevated state of consciousness. It is basically about living in each moment and observing the flow of phenomena.


Nirvana is neither nihilistic nor sinking into bottomless oblivion. It involves dwelling in a state of non-reactive witnessing of reality knowing fully well that there is neither a doer nor sufferer but mere flow of phenomena amidst universal flux of mind and matter.


The Buddha's way offers permanent panacea for the pain of existence.