Soul Introspection

Spirituality Bestows Inner Peace And Wisdom


Never Forget The Reason

When we forget the real reason we are living for, the worldliness of life becomes like quicksand that sucks you into a spiritual vacuum. When that happens, we live less and less, we merely stay alive.

The mind, like nature, abhors a vacuum. Into emptiness, nature puts love, the mind often puts hate. Hate occupies. Hate for hate's sake exists.

An incarnate soul attains God-realisation in two steps. First the soul attains the state of infinite vacuum--emptiness. Then the reality of godhood rushes into the emptiness of the nirvana state, and the divine state of nirvikalpa is attained.

The concept of the vacuum field as an interface between physical life and an afterlife could have a profound impact on our western society by removing the paralyzing effects of the fear of bodily death.