Soul Introspection

Spirituality Bestows Inner Peace And Wisdom

Feel The Gild Of Stillness

The path of evolutionary enlightenment, like all enlightenment teachings, is one of ego-transcendence that is a means to a higher end, to open up some space within the self--space for evolution to occur.

Being inspired by the idea of conscious evolution is one thing, while actually engaging in the process of evolution is something else altogether. Many people are moved by the notion of evolutionary becoming. But within themselves they are not free. They are trapped in psychological hang-ups and attachments, with little or no space for that which is new. Their souls are not liberated, and their choices and actions are still being shaped by unconscious adherence to values and perspectives that have nothing to do with being a liberated vessel for the evolution of consciousness and culture.

Merely being inspired by the potential for conscious revolution does not automatically give us access to the fearless inner freedom to actualise that potential. In order to find that freedom, to open up that space for the new, it is essential that you liberate yourself to a significant degree from your personal fears and desires and your culturally conditioned values.

This inner freedom is not different from the goal of traditional enlightenment where freedom is an end in itself. Ideally, freedom becomes the foundation from which to engage in conscious evolution. You must disentangle yourself, free yourself from your karma, your history, culture and personal ego.

How does one discover enlightened awareness? There are two ways that you can gain access to the intoxicating joy and ecstatic wakefulness of that timeless spiritual attainment, spontaneously, or through making noble effort.

Like an unexpected visit from God, for no particular reason, the doors of perception can spontaneously open, expanding your awareness to reveal a higher and deeper dimension of your own consciousness. This kind of spontaneous experience often happens in the company of a spiritual master who has access to his unmanifest ground, or among a group of inspired individuals who have come together to share mystical truths.

You can also, however, assume the posture of freedom and experience enlightened awareness simply through disciplined effort. The way to practice this radical position is to literally take the posture the Buddha is taking--to engage with what I call "The art and science of stillness" or the traditional practice of meditation.

The ability to be very still is foundational, because stillness is the perennial portal that gives us access to the dimension of ourselves and of life itself that is the source of traditional enlightenment. In learning how to be still, you are choosing to stand for and express that deepest part of yourself--that empty no-place before the beginning of time, before anything ever happened. That formless ground of Being is always the deepest dimension of who we all are, and it is the ultimate source and wellspring of all that is. In that ground, nothing ever moves, because there is no time, no form, no subject or object.

There is only One, eternally at rest and at peace. By assuming the inner and outer position of stillness, you are bearing witness to the deepest part of yourself in the world of time and space.