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Look Inside Of Thoughtlessness

Observe your mind. Can you hear the noise of thought currents within? Scientists say 30 to 31 brain waves are constantly in flow. These waves belong to the neurolinguistic system of our mind. Research indicates that whatever we are engaged in intense mental work, arguments and counter-arguments, the waves are in Beta range. When we take a break from the heavy load of responsibilities and try to relax for a while, the brain emits Alpha waves. During vacation, when we experience the mood of fun, the mind is sending Theta range waves. Even when we are fast asleep, the brain remains active and emanates waves, sometimes Theta and occasionally Delta.

In the mind, the tussle of thought currents continues unabated. The mind remains busy at all times. We could say, the function of the mind is to think and it is acting as per its nature! So let it go. Why mind it?

There is definitely something wrong in it. Think about a machine whose parts are made of metals. If the machine remains functioning without a break, day and night, what will be the result? It will get all heated up. Similarly, the brain, too gets stressed, when thoughts are generated on a continuous basis, it also gets heated up. Anger, tension, agitation--all these are the result of increase in the level of 'temperature' of the brain. Increase in the level of noise pollution is one of the reason for hypertension, stress and depression. If the noise outside can create such a disastrous situation, think of the impact of internal noise--the dissonance produced by a multitude of thoughts.

If we do not think, how would we work and function? Thinking is not at all wrong. Just avoid unnecessary thinking that is similar to noise pollution. When a scientist creates an electric circuit, he is always cautious of the 'noise factor', which indicates the ''undesirable electrical disturbance" or the avoidable obstruction. In the presence of such disturbances, the circuit does not accept the signals of current properly, it does not allow it to pass through in the right measure, nor gives the desired output. Likewise, within the circuit of mind, due to disturbance of useless thoughts, we are unable to take proper decisions. It hampers our sense of discrimination and a reasonable understanding of the issues.

Buddha used to tell his disciples often,"Practise peace". Sufi Saint Rumi proclaimed,"Get liberated from the imprisonment of frightening thoughts. Practise silence". When the mind "Dies", silence prevails. Death of mind means controlling the mind to the extent of thoughtlessness. A state in which no useless or disturbing thought is permitted to evolve! Through this thoughtless or say mindful state, the fountain of bliss emerges.

To attain this state, gurus have stressed the need to connect with inner Self, the source of peace and bliss. Upanishads proclaimed it as Atman gyan or Brahmn gyan. After practically realising the inner Self through the third or divine eye, one can commence the journey of peace to reach the depths within and seek eternal bliss. A true spiritual preceptor activates the third eye of the seeker and enables him to embark upon his inner journey. In that blissful world, thoughts are not admitted. Bliss alone reigns. It is the ocean, diving into which you begin to experience peace.