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Warmth Of Kindle Of Love

Krishna spells out the sure method to attain any goal that you have set for yourself in the Bhagwad Gita's ninth chapter. He tells Arjuna,"Give your mind wholly to me, be my devotee, worship me, surrender to me. Make me your supreme goal."

On the surface it sounds as though Krishna is very demanding. Some may also feel that while Krishna asks us to renounce our ego, by uttering these words he seems to be more egoistic than all of us! But all that Krishna is saying is that if you unite your mind with him you will attain him. There is nothing egoistic about this shloka(verse), it is just a simple statement of fact--"If you unite your mind in me, you will not stray anywhere else."

There are two kinds of goals in life--the ultimate goal and the immediate, specific goal. Each person may have a different goal in life--one may want to be a political leader or a great artist, another might wish to be a scientist or an educationist. The goal can be a time-bound one, long-term or short-term, temporary or permanent.

Whenever we want to achieve anything or reach anywhere, sankalpa (Focused) thought should be there first. If this wish or thought itself is not there, then there is no question of any further progress.

Manmanaa bhava (Give your thought and mind to me). In this word, we give many things, in cash or kind, but we never give our mind. Krishna asks,"I want your mind, only your mind, without any reservations." Then he says,"Madbhaktah" (Your heart should also be given to me, all the love that you are capable of, pour unto me."

When we love something, it is never a burden to us. If you find a job that you love, you do not have to work a single day of your life, because the work itself turns into joy, it is not labour any more. If you work for someone you love, then again the work becomes a joy. People complain that their mind keeps wandering while doing meditation, but when it comes to counting money, the mind is very attentive and does not wander, because there is love for money!

How can we learn to love God? When we love something or someone, you spend more time with that thing or person. The reverse process is also true--when you start spending time on something like music, you discover subtle joys in it. When you spend time with someone, you develop attachment for that person. If you spend time with God, you will learn to love Him. When you devote time to God, you realise the joy and that is precisely why people are afraid, for they feel that if they give time, all their time will be taken up!

Develop this equation--if you have love, start spending time and when you start spending time, you discover love. When you discover love for God, the rest is a cakewalk.

When you love and worship you are ready for sacrifice. You must be ready not only to do anything, but also to give up anything to attain your goal, for, without sacrifice you cannot attain anything. The secret of success lies in the total undivided attention given to your goal, otherwise you become a jack of all trades and master of none. This holds good whether your goal is spiritual or otherwise.