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Long Distance Relationship


Try to be easy, it is 100% successful.

Whether you’re heading out on a week-long business trip or your S.O. has hopped a plane to Australia for a few months to find themselves, long distance sucks. There’s no substitute for waking up next to your sweetie and being able to share even the most casual of moments. But hey, you have to do what you have to do. And sometimes what you have to do is live apart from your other half.

Don’t fret, long distance is totally doable and if you two are really meant to be, you can make it work. We believe in you. Things definitely aren’t the same while you’re apart but with technology and a little creativity, you can make thousands of miles feel like nothing. In fact, the amount of talking you get to do when you can’t be with your partner physically may add a new dimension to your relationship.

So don’t worry, the two of you will be totally fine. Here is everything you need to know to survive  a long distance relationship.

Don’t ever assume your S.O. doesn’t want to know what you’re doing




No matter how boring you think your day was, or is going to be, let your S.O. know what you’re up to. Even if you’re the one staying at home and doing all the same things you would do anyway, let them know about the little things that happen to you. Do all the kids have a cold at once? Keep up with each other’s lives no matter how far apart you are.





Try playing question games

These could range from a few questions back and forth to conversations lasting days. This is your chance to ask things you’ve always wanted to know about your partner and get to know each other even better. What was the name of their first pet? Have they ever had surgery? Do you know the stories behind all their scars? Not only can you ask a bunch of questions, if you’re talking through text or email, you’ll get more thought-out responses than having that conversation in person.





Try your hand at sexting

Not only is it a way to keep things steamy when you’re apart and unable to do anything physical, it’s a great way to communicate about what you want to try in the bedroom when you’re back together. Also let them know what they do that you like and what you miss about being together. While you’re at it, take this time to have an open conversation about your sex lives in general. Are there things you want to do differently? Are there things they love that you want them to do more? Keep the channels of communication open on all fronts.

Everyone knows that Skype is a long distance relationship’s best friend but it might not always be practical to spend an entire afternoon in front of the computer talking to your S.O. For times like those, Snapchat can save you. The little ten-second videos are perfect for sending a quick ‘I love you’ or a funny anecdote and have the added value of face-to-face interaction. Getting a sweet text is fun, but seeing your partner say the same thing is even better.







Co-author an online playlist

They say music is the language of the soul, so what better way to stay close to your S.O.? Either make them a cute 8-Tracks playlist with a sappy title or even try co-authoring a Spotify playlist together. Start with your song and then add ones that make you think of them or describe your relationship and then throw in a few hopeful songs about long distance relationships. Then when you’re back together, you two have a ready soundtrack to your reunion. Slow dance in the kitchen, anyone?




Let them know when you’re thinking about them

Give your S.O. a little shout at random times throughout the day to let them know they’re on your mind. Send them a little heart emoji when they cross your mind during the day or tag them in posts that remind you of them (though, do that one in moderation). Just make sure you let each other know how much and how often you miss them.






Try writing letters

If the two of you are going to be apart for an extended period of time, it’s safe to say your lives are going to change during that time. Try writing letters or short entries in a journal to read when the two of you are back together. That way you can reminisce about the things that were important to you at the time and elaborate on things you might not have had a chance to tell them about when they happened.




Try some of those long distance products

What do you mean there’s a pillow that can play you your S.O.’s heartbeat as you’re falling asleep? That’s right, Pillow Talk does just that. It only takes a few Google searches to find the best long distance products the internet has to offer. Don’t go too deep though, things can get real creepy real fast. Stay safe out there, friends.






Don’t forget to be you

Don’t let the distance freak you out. The two of you are still you. Send the same kind of texts you would send if the two of you were in the same city. Your relationship is definitely going to change if you have to be apart for a long period of time but that’s not always a bad thing. Keep talking, keep joking and remind each other why you decided you could make long distance work. If you’re both willing to put in the work, this will just be one stage in your relationship. It doesn’t mean the end, it’s just the beginning of something different. Don’t you worry. That epic reunion will come sooner than you think it will.



"Relationship is not about only love and sex. It depends solely upon unbiased

UNDERSTANDING and total SURRENDER." ("Rabindranath Banerjee"Ranjan")