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One-Night Stand




The emotional paradox all time, one-night stands can either leave with you a great memory or a bitter taste in your mouth, depending on how it's handled and treated by both the parties.


With innumerable websites and online portals scaringly designed solely for this purpose -- and this purpose alone -- it is of little wonder that the traffic on it increases by the day.


To me it seems like holding a cluster of thorns without a rose or steering a boat without oars, maybe because I'm hardly the kind of person who would throw my peace of mind away for a night of romp, but hey that's just me. I'm a bit prudish and outdated!


Every topic needs an introduction. This one doesn't. Every topic needs an introduction. This one doesn't. Before you attempt for it, ask youself-------








Is it for you?

Get this clear, one-night stands aren't meant for everyone.


If you're the kind who attaches to people easily, the type who would expect the night to be followed by a breakfast and even the promise of meeting again some time in the near future, this isn't for you.


You're out to have fun and that's meant strictly for that one night.


I feel that a one-night stand is strictly for those who are capable of physical intimacy without getting emotionally attached.


A person should not expect more out of it and it should be seen as an outlet for pure bodily instincts.








Research (no, not me) has shown, that women usually tend to forget this rule. This is because the women most likely to go down the one-night-stand route are the ones dealing with a messy break-up.


Or who are thoroughly bored with of their single hood and are desperately looking for validation of their looks.


Or worse still, who are totally caught up in the 'if-he-can-do-it-I-can-do-it' race.-------