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Physical Chemistry And Equations




Dear Friends,



Physical Chemistry is without question the most important thing in a relationship. One could argue that things like trust, respect, and mutual understanding are more important, but I beg to differ. You can learn to be respectful, you can learn to understand someone, and it takes time for someone to earn your trust. However, you simply cannot manufacture chemistry.


Chemistry has absolutely nothing to do with looks. Having the option to be with someone ridiculously hot and yet feeling no spark is honestly devastating. It has happened to us all. I'd also be willing to bet we have all also experienced mad chemistry with someone who isn't our textbook type. How many couples do you know who look insanely into each other, but yet in the looks department aren't quite equal? Chemistry does not discriminate.


Then why every day we hear worldwide about abuse, tease, violence, killing, rape and so on.


Let me say something. Love, sex and hate has nothing to do with above mentioned words. It is the psychology, what Dr. Sigmund Freud has said.


So, let us go through the topics which are associated with those terms.


If in any way, these detailed defined topics, help you, then please put your precious thoughts to reach me through my Guest-Book.





1. Sexuality


2. Incest


3. One-Night Stand


4. Homosexuality


5. Lesbian


6. Heterosexuality


7. Physical Abuse





We constantly try to justify our experiences so that they make sense to us.


We seek out loyalty to social groups and are easily drawn to intergroup




We're easily corrupted by power.